When you engage 5e, we’ll explore with you how to explain to influential audiences what you’re about. We’ll use the talents and experience of our network and communications and marketing tools to extend the reach of your story. Along the way, we’ll evaluate the difference we’ve made together.

Our Services

We are curious and creative generalists, who know at least a little about a lot.

We keep the firm lean and tailor the team to each client’s needs, resources and budget. For specialized expertise, we enlist the network we’ve built over more than 20 years: public opinion researchers, writers and editors, designers, programmers, digital strategists, photographers, video producers and event impresarios.


Nonprofits & Associations

We’ve engaged with dozens and dozens of mission-driven and member-led groups, and we understand how communications and advocacy work together.



It’s a passion for us, and a sector where we’ve worked at the highest levels to show what’s possible for students and families, educators, schools, colleges and universities and communities.



We’re known for staying calm in the storm and steering the story to a better place. (Better yet, we can help you spot risks to avoid the crisis altogether.)



We love working with people who are taking a chance on a fresh idea that everyone needs to know about.



We’ve been in DC more than 10 years. We haven’t toured all the monuments yet, but we’ve spent plenty of time getting things done at the White House, in the Capitol, at federal agencies and in news bureaus here. We also understand Washington’s intersection with state and local governments.


Urban Planning & Development

Carpenters aren’t the only people essential to getting something built. We’ve won public and governmental support for innovative projects that took some convincing, and we’ve helped stop or scale back irresponsible development.



Litigation: If you find yourself in the court of public opinion, consider us co-counsel.


Responsive & Transparent Government

Watchdogs are our favorite breed (after corgis).


5e is a limited liability company registered in the district of columbia

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